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Innate Musicality

Your musical journey begins on the very first beat of your heart. Feel it and reveal your true self in Music! - Ken Steven

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Tempo [ˈtɛmpo] musical terminology

There is no one right tempo of the piece. The tempo should result from an interplay of the different rhythmic and melodic elements of the piece, finding the right stresses and breathing points. The correct tempo should be the result of a common feeling of the group. - Fransisco F. Feliciano

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Musical Composition

Expressed feelings in a form of balance between sound and silence. - Ken Steven

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Hailing from Medan, composer Ken Steven (b.1993)  is known for his fusion of Indonesian colors and elements with modern techniques and harmonies. He received his undergraduate degree in church music from The Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music, Philippines, and completed his Master of Music degree from California Baptist University, USA.

Since returning to Indonesia, his creative activity and work have made important contributions to the development of choral music in Indonesia. His music is picking up and starting to make an impact on the international choral music scene.

Currently, he served as the Director of Studies at SMK Methodist Charles Wesley Music Vocational School in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. He is also the conductor of Medan Community Male Choir, founded in 2015, and has led the choir to achieve many international awards in choral festivals and competitions.

Upcoming Events

Voices Festival by the Esplanade

December 5, 2020


The 2nd Ken Steven International Choral Festival
"Let Us Raise The Bar Together"


Medan, Indonesia

For more info: kenstevenchoralfestival@gmail.com


The story of SINTA OBONG is an excerpt from the Legend of Ramayana, which tells about the loyalty of Sinta. It begins with a joyful meeting between Sinta and Rama because they have been separated for a long time. However, conflict arises when Rama questions Sinta’s purity and loyalty. Hearing this, Sinta became sad and disappointed with Rama. Sita swears that she is still pure and loyal to Rama, and to show her purity, Sinta is willing to do pati obong or fire ordeal. Sometime later, when the flames had receded, a shadowy figure of a beautiful woman appeared amid the scattered embers. Sinta survived and was not burned at all by the fire. This shows that Sinta is still pure and has not been tainted. After that, Sinta and Rama were reunited with feelings of emotion and happiness.

Based on the Balinese traditional musical idioms and cultures, I focused my writing on capturing and bringing out the story’s emotions. The climax occurred when Sinta decided to do the fire ordeal to prove her purity as the story progresses. I set this section into the dramatic Kecak dance, one of the most captivating Balinese Hindu traditional dances.


VOICE OF BALI from Bali, Indonesia.

Conductor: Eto Tagur

LISOI is an Indonesian Traditional – Batak Drinking Song.


BATAVIA MADRIGAL SINGERS from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Conductor: Avip Priatna

HENTAKAN JIWA (The Beat of the Soul) is an exploration of sounds with human voice. The text is taken from the terminology used for various Malay traditional dance movements. Inspired by an Indonesian exotic Malay scale, the music depicts a modern staging of Malay traditional dance that translates into a vibrant sound experience through the variety colors of vocal quality produced by the ensemble. With stomps, claps, tongue clicks, snaps, shouts, and extreme range and dynamics, this showpiece is sure to leave a lasting impression for the audience. It is a perfect choice for a concert closure!


BATAVIA MADRIGAL SINGERS from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Conductor: Avip Priatna

FAJAR DAN SENJA (Dawn and Dusk) is an exploration of sounds with human voice. The composer intended to capture the magical moments as expressed by the poem itself through the variety colors of vocal quality produced by the ensemble. Based on Indonesian exotic Melayu scale, the music pictures the folk life atmosphere into a vibrant sound experience.


It was a quiet night

When a glimpse of light slowly gazed upon the sky

Awakening the sleeping souls.

Joyfully singing

Dancing in the ray of light

And slowly it will descend again from its mighty throne.


BATAVIA MADRIGAL SINGERS from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Conductor: Avip Priatna

BENGGONG comes from the words “bengt go” which means “now we are going to depart”. This song is related to the Manggarai tragic slavery drama in the 19th and early 20th century.


BATAVIA MADRIGAL SINGERS from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Conductor: Avip Priatna


Ketika kilau sinar mentari pagi perlahan turun menyinari bumi,
Saat bulir embun masih membasahi alam raya khatulistiwa.
Burung-burung pun berkicau dan bernyanyi menyambut indahnya pagi,
Daun-daun dan pepohonan menari bersama hembusan angin.

Dari jauh terdengar gemercik suara air,
yang perlahan mengalir menenangkan hati.
Hembusan lembut belaian angin menyentuh jiwa,
diiringi dendang alam khatulistiwa.


St. LOUIS HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR from Surabaya, Indonesia.

Conductor: Onny Prihantono

HELA ROTAN  is a Mollucas Folksong from the eastern part of Indonesia. It is a traditional children’s game about pulling the rotan (rattan) similar to tug of war.


BATAVIA MADRIGAL SINGERS from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Conductor: Avip Priatna

PARIS BARANTAI (composed by H. Anang Ardiansyah – arranged by Ken Steven) is a folksong from South Borneo (Kalimantan) and it tells about the feeling of missing someone who is loved and has been long not meeting. The song also tells about deep affection and unwillingness to be separated. This is viewed from its lyric which tells Kotabaru, precisely at Paris Berantai, a place where the couple met and fell in love.


PSM UNIVERSITAS GADJAH MADA from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Conductor: Athitya Diah Natalia Monica


DIES IRAE is a Latin hymn on the Day of Judgment, commonly sung in a Requiem Mass.



Conductor: Deidre Douglas


Awards & Achievements

  • 1st Prize – ASEAN Unity Song Writing Competition 2014, Salatiga, Indonesia
  • 1st Prize – Choral Conducting Competition in Celebrating the Golden Year of Avip Priatna 2015, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • 2nd Prize (Musica Profana A) and 3rd Prize (Musica Profana B) – Choral Composition Competition in Celebrating the Golden Years of Avip Priatna 2015, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Most Promising Young Conductor Award – A Voyage of Songs 2015, Penang, Malaysia
  • Most Promising Young Conductor Award – Orientale Concentus IX 2016, Singapore
  • Outstanding Participant with 2 Gold and 2 Silver Prizes – Choral Composition Competition – 6th Satya Dharma Gita National Choir Festival 2017, Semarang, Indonesia
  • 1st and 2nd Prize (Canticum Novum) – Choral Composition Competition –  The 21st CRO PRATRIA International Choral Festival 2017, Split, Croatia

If you have any questions or inquires about my works, please email me at st.25_ken@hotmail.com

I'd love to hear from you!